The End of 'Britney Spears iPod & More'

Well you guys, after thinking it over and over again, I've came to the conclusion
to officialy close Britney Spears iPod & More. I really didn't want to do this,
but due to the situation I am in, I can no longer continue with the blog. There are
times in which I haven't updated up to a week, and thats pretty strange because
at the beginning, I used to update about 3 times a day. I feel like I don't have the
same "desire" I did when I first opened the blog back in April. I know I had told you

guys that I got part time and withdrew from my classes, but they gave me full time
again, and I start a new semester.

If you guys don't know where to download exclusive Britney Spears media, you could
check out any of my affiliates, because they provide really good Britney media. Or, what
I always do, is check out Britney fansites because they have the latest news. I recommend
you guys checking,,, and . I always check these sites EVERYDAY, because they provide you
with exclusive news!!

I also want to let you guys know, that just because I'm closing the blog, that DOES NOT
mean that I don't like Britney Spears anymore. I LOVE Britney and will always support
her in anything she does. I will support her all the way, and I know that she knows what
she's doing, and I just want her to have love and peace in her life.

But especially I want give thanks to all u guys for visiting the blog everyday,
and for helping me with anything that I need.
You guys rock!!!

Thanks again!
Take Care!
And ALWAYS love & support Britney Spears!!!


'Piece of Me' ~ Live

Well you guys, I hope u had a great Thanksgiving yesterday!! Today is
day two of the fan-made Blackout live verions. Here is the next single,
one of my favorite songs, Piece of Me. Just close your eyes and imagine
Britney performing it. Thanks again to W!lc0 for these amazing live
versions. Enjoy!!

New information about the 'Piece Of Me' music video

The second video from Britney Spears’ ‘Blackout’ has to come later than expected after the production was halted. The video’s producer was involved in an accident and therefore the shooting schedule was changed from November 16 to thanksgiving days (November 22-25).

“They rescheduled it for next week,” said a statement issued last weekend. “It’s strictly the production company’s fault and they are paying to compensate for lost time.” The shooting is for her second single ‘Piece of Me’ that is confirmed by Sony/BMG to be officially released on January 11, 2008.

A source has spilled the concept of the video to World Entertainment News Network saying, “Location scouts are still trying to find a club in Los Angeles for the shoot. The video is very hush-hush, but I understand it will feature scenes of Britney trying to escape the clutches of the paparazzi.

”She is revisiting "the darkest point in her life."

A cover for the single which will be released to radio outlets on Tuesday, November 27, has been leaked earlier this month.

Also, here is the official 'Piece of Me' single cover:


Happy Thanksgiving
I wanna wish you guys a very Happy Thanksgiving!!! And remember
to give thanks to your loved ones, especially to God, for everything that
he has done for you. I also wanna wish Britney and her babies a great
Thanksgiving, and hopefully, they can have peace atleast today!!

'Gimme More' ~ Live

First of all, I wanna thank W!lc0 from the Exhale forum for doing these
AMAZING Live & Studio versions of some of Britney's tracks, from her new
album Blackout. I will be posting the live and studio versions of a different
track everyday. I also want you guys to know, that obviously these are fan-made,
so unfortunately, the live versions are FAKE!! I hope you guys enjoy them, because
seriously, they are really cool!!!

Hayden Panettiere 'rooting for' Britney Spears

Hayden Panettiere has told the December issue of GQ she is rooting for Britney Spears. When asked about the media pushing girls into meltdowns, Hayden replied: On the media pushing girls to meltdowns: Absolutely. Britney Spears, for example. That girl was the epitome of beauty when I was younger. And we built her up and just ripped her down, put every aspect of her life under a microscope. Probably made 90 percent of the stuff up along the way. I can’t even imagine if I had it like she does. She’s someone that I’m rooting for, and I hope she can make that comeback.

Sources: BritneyExperts / PopSugar

'Gimme More' Remix

Here is one of my favorite Gimme More remixes featuring the
hot and talented Lil' Kim. This remix is so hot and when I first
heard it, I was: "This shit is crazy!" Anyways, here it is!

* Thanks to HeyBritney for the mp3 *

Billboard reviews Britney's new single 'Piece Of Me'

So guess who got the last laugh? "Gimme More," Britney Spears' launch
single from fifth studio album "Blackout," peaked at a robust No. 3 on The Billboard
Hot 100, garnering plenty of top 40 attention and consumer download love, while the
album catapulted in at No. 2 (personal note: when really it should be #1). Follow-up "Piece
of Me" has already fostered scrutiny with lyrical response to obsessive media attention:
"I'm Mrs. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, I'm Mrs. Oh my God that Britney's shameless/
I'm Mrs. 'Extra,' 'Extra,' this just in, I'm Mrs. she's too big, now she's too thin." Musically,
the song drips and drools '80s synths, alongside a drowsy midtempo clip, as Brit sings in
a heavily layered near-monotone. Again, the cover of Us will be as big a catalyst for
radio as vocal prowess.

-Chuck Taylor

Billboard / Ubritney

'Gimme More' ~ VMA Version

*Link Fixed* {Zshare}

Here's the mp3 that you guys have been asking me for since I posted
it on the blog. It's the Studio Version of Gimme More performed
at the 2007 MTV VMAs. Enjoy!!!!

* Thanks to HeyBritney for the mp3 *